Typical Usage

A customer walks into the bookstore, and requests that he get a green hoodie with some customized text for his graduation. The user of the app (typically a staff member or bookstore manager) prompts the customer to describe what he wants as the user fills out the information on his Windows laptop. To start with, the user shows the customer the app, which is currently at the Welcome page. The Welcome page shows the user two options: Make a new order, or load a previous order (if the customer wishes to edit a previously incomplete or incorrect order). If the user wishes to make a new order, the user requests that the customer fill out his information in the input fields. Having done so, the customer (or user) then presses the New Order button and proceeds to the next page. From here, the customer goes through every option until he arrives at the Summary page, where he reviews his choices. Having changed his mind on what he wants on the front of the shirt, the user uses the navigation buttons to navigate back to that option, and then adjust his input. Once he has done so and returned to the Summary page, he make finalize his order by pressing the Submit Order button. Once he has done so, the user has set up an integration with MailChimp, where upon submitting an order an email is automatically sent out thanking the user and giving them a summary of what they ordered and how the cost was broken down (using the integration with the Google Sheet, where the input info and prices are all stored).